2 comentarios el “Origen del Sr. Spock

  1. Nero placed blame on the Federation for the loss of his homeworld and sought revenge. He emerged from the black hole in 2233. The USS Kelvin was the first ship that Nero encountered and attacked; Captain Richard Robau promoted his first officer , Lieutenant Commander George Kirk, to captaincy before ordering the evacuation of the ship and agreeing to come aboard the Narada. There, Captain Robau was interrogated regarding the whereabouts of Spock, with whom Robau was unfamiliar and, moments after he informed Nero of the current stardate , he was murdered .

    • At the origin of Spock Spock Prime’re talking about before the events of Nero which changes the timeline of the movie Star Trek JJ. Abrams.
      In Star Trek 2009 events are an alternative timeline, this does not mean discarding the stories of the Star Trek universe.


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